How to See Jesus

01 Dec
Jesus in Dallas

Jesus in Dallas (Photo credit: adonis hunter / ahptical)

We long for it… we even sing about it… “Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord… I want to see You…”

But I have to confess, I don’t see Jesus as much as I’d like.  And I think many agree: the world would be a much better place if we could see Jesus more regularly.  So, how can we see Jesus?

Here’s the secret recipe:

– One part love
– One part obedience
– and a whole lot of sharing

You’ll find the first two parts in John 14:23.  (See my previous post for proper mixing of these two ingredients).  It’s the sharing part that I want to talk about today.

““All who love me will do what I say. My Father will love them, and we will come and make our home with each of them.” (John 14:23 NLT)

If someone comes and makes a home with you, what do you call them?  A house guest… a visitor… a family member?

But what if you decided that house guest could never go outside… never see the light of day?  What would you call them then?  A prisoner… a captive?

Want to know why I think Jesus is so hard to see?  Because while many have invited Jesus into their hearts, few are letting Him out.

We don’t want to see Jesus, we want to capture Jesus!

Speaking from personal experience, I don’t think it’s mean or vindictive, I think it’s just selfish.  I want Jesus to live with me so that I have access to his power… his healing… his comfort.  And I’m afraid if I let him out I won’t have access any more.  Or perhaps there won’t be enough Jesus to go around.

Jesus becomes my genie in a bottle.  I keep him there so I can summon him at will to grant my wishes. (Some people call that prayer).  But is that what having Jesus in your heart is all about?

There are two great ironies here: first, there is more than enough of Jesus to go around.  The second is, if I truly want to experience power, healing, and comfort, I do it best by sharing Jesus with others.

How?  Let me tell you how a 70-something year-old friend of mine shared Jesus:

Jess wanted his “elderly” neighbor to experience a live baseball game, but his neighbor’s mobility was a problem.  Jess dropped his friend at the stadium gate so he wouldn’t have as far to walk.  But as Jess tried to pull out into traffic, no one would let him in.

No Jesus to be found here, eh?

Jess inched his way into traffic until the nose of his car finally caused someone to have to let him in.  But they didn’t let him in without sharing something… other than Jesus!

After a few minutes of horn-honking, dashboard-pounding, fist-shaking rage from the car behind, Jess had his place in line.  He smiled and waved.  By rights, Jess showed some Jesus and a load of remarkable restraint.  He had done his part to show Jesus and keep the peace.

But Jess wasn’t done.

Jess pulled up to pay for parking.  As he rolled down his window, he told the attendant, “I’m paying for me and my friend behind me.”  As Jess glanced in the rearview mirror, his “friend” was still red-faced and hostile.

But while his “friend” had already seen a glimpse of Jesus, he was about to see Jesus full-on… and full of grace.  Jess described the remarkable transition he witnessed in his rearview mirror as his “friend” pulled up to the gate next.

The man went from jaw-clenched to jaw dropped.  As his eyes searched for Jess, his hand transformed from a balled fist of anger to an open signpost of friendship.  He began to wave… emphatically.  Delight flooded his whole countenance.

He had just seen Jesus.

My friend Jess knows what I long to know.  If we want people to see Jesus, it’s not enough to open the eyes of our heart… sometimes we have to open the doors of our heart too.

How will you show Jesus to the world around you today?  What other stories do you have of people showing Jesus in powerful ways?  Join in the discussion by leaving a comment!


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