How to Keep Christ at the Center of Busy Times

18 Dec
busy schedule?

busy schedule? (Photo credit: flik)

Do you know anyone that ISN’T busy?  Neither do I.

Do you know anything more important than keeping Christ at the center of our focus?  Neither do i!

So how can busy people find time to keep Christ close?

1.  Be Aware

It’s no secret that whatever is urgent gets our attention.  And the busier we are, the more the urgent swirls around us begging for our attention.

Being aware that this is happening is the first step.  And being aware that it can happen especially during good times like Christmas is doubly helpful.  Because when we’re aware, we can:

2.  Be Intentional

It’s also no secret that urgency does not equal importance.  If we want to ensure important-but-not-urgent things get done, we have to be intentional about doing them.

This might mean scheduling a specific time on the calendar, or developing a habit to ensure it becomes part of our daily routine.

For better or worse, our relationship and focus on Christ is extremely important, but rarely urgent in our minds.  As life gets busier, it’s even more important to be intentional about your relationship with Christ.  Schedule time… don’t accept excuses… make up if interrupted or pre-empted.

Find a place and time, and organize all the materials you’ll need so you don’t waste time gathering everything.  Doing this will greatly increase your chances of getting quality time… and of repeating the activity!

As part of our on-going series with the Advent Conspiracy, we challenged WordServe Church’s “Busy people” to find a way to carve out 15 minutes of time per day to spend working on their relationship with Christ (or take more time if they’re already there).  Here are some examples of how to find that time:

How to Find the Time

Get up 15 minutes earlier.  Granted, way easier than it sounds.  It also helps to get to bed 15 minutes (or more) the night before!

Take your lunch to work.  The time you save driving to and from a lunch place will probably get you at least 15 minutes!  And better yet, if there are others willing to do the same, you may have just formed an impromptu prayer or study group!

Use podcasts to multi-task.  Do you workout?  Commute to work?  Fold laundry?  These are times when podcasts from a trusted Bible teacher or praise music can build in some extra time reflecting on all things spiritual.

What to Do With the Time

Like any good fitness program, it’s not a bad idea to cross-train (no pun intended!).  Perhaps you’d like to include a variety of activities such as
– Prayer
– Scripture reading
– Devotional reading
– Contemplation or meditation
– Journaling
– Discussing

Whatever you decide, remember the idea is not to simply check these things off your “to-do” list.  These are not ends… they are means.  They are means to a better relationship with Christ.

One of my favorite things on the go is   It’s absolutely free and allows you to turn any platform into a Bible-based reading or reflection time.  You can read in many versions, you can sign up to follow reading plans, and you can even be reminded to read by email, or on your smart phone.  And reading is tracked across platforms… so if you read from your computer, but find yourself waiting in line at the DMV for hours, you can pick up where you left off on your smartphone.

(And you can pray for the DMV while you’re at it!).

All right, that’s my spiel.  Now it’s your turn.

How have you creatively found 15 minutes of time?  What do you do with it?

Ready?    GO! (in the comments section)


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2 responses to “How to Keep Christ at the Center of Busy Times

  1. Taro

    December 18, 2012 at 7:13 am

    Right when I’m having my coffee at work, I check read a couple of daily devotionals for men. Every other day, your blog takes priority so those are, lets say the cherry-on-top days. Sometimes these readings lead me to dig more so I turn to the scripture. By the time it’s time to get to work, well, my coffee is cold 😉

    I use my commute time (give or take 40 minutes in traffic) to call my parents in Venezuela. This is something I started doing recently to re-build a relationship that got deteriorated over the years of neglect. Getting closer to my parents help me get closer to God. Or it might be the other way around…

    I think this isn’t enough time with God. I will incorporate a podcast into my morning workout… Thanks for the advise!

    • billhogan77

      December 18, 2012 at 7:21 am

      Taro, I love your mix of inside/outside: The devotions that feed your soul(inside) and your re-establishing relationships (outside) feed each other. In fact, they probably work together to make both experiences more rich and meaningful.

      Thanks for sharing… makes a great statement for both personal and corporate ways to keep Christ at the center of our lives.
      Be blessed!

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