Why Would I Want to “Glorify God?”

16 May
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In my last post, we talked about God’s glory.  We saw that as God is glorified, we experience hope and peace… even in the midst of trials and troubles.

So… now what?

Today, I’d like to make a radical proposal: a proposal that will make our lives so different we may not recognize them.  In fact, don’t keep reading, unless you want to experience a life radically transformed by the fullness of God!  Because I propose that we…

Glorify God!

Wait… didn’t Jesus do that already?

Yes he did.  Jesus helped reveal God’s character in the most complete way imaginable.  So why would we attempt it?

Because people have a hard time “seeing” Jesus.  Yes we have the Bible and the Holy Spirit, but there’s a reason people still say, “Seeing is believing!”  When I see it, I’m more likely to understand and be able to apply it in my own life.  Isn’t that why God sent his Son in human form in the first place… so people could see a life lived in perfect union with God?

But some can’t (or won’t) “see” Jesus.  What about them?

They have something almost as good… they have you!  So what does it mean for us to glorify God… and how can we do it?

What is “Glorifying God?”

Here’s the most succinct definition I’ve found: “To make visible the presence of God.” (NISB, p. 1942)

There are a variety of ways to make God’s presence visible.  We can point people to Scripture, we can tell stories where God’s presence is visible.  But do you notice what these things have in common?

They don’t involve God’s presence in us!  They’re not bad, but they can leave feeling as though radically experiencing God’s nature and presence is for special people… and we’re not special.

What an insult to God to think that we’re not special.  Tell that to the man climbing a hill called Calvary to die for you.  Go ahead and tell him you’re not worth what he’s about to do.

Are we worthy?   No.

But are we worth it?  God says YES… a thousand times YES!

So how do I glorify God?

Let’s start with your prayers.  In last Sunday’s message, our Lead Pastor Nolan challenged us to include this radical question in our prayers: “God, what would glorify you most?”

To reframe in our discussion, we are asking, “God, what would make your presence most visible?”

If you’re willing to ask that and willing to act on that, prepare to have your life completely transformed!

Instead of asking for that promotion or new job, ask , “What would make God’s presence most visible?”  It may be the new job or the promotion is the answer.  Or it may be that where you are is the exact place where you can make God’s presence most visible.

Instead of praying that you get accepted to that college or program, what if you prayed, “God, what would make your presence most visible?”  Maybe your ability to have hope despite a momentary disappointment would help people see that God is present.

Want to get really radical?  Instead of praying for healing, pray for what will make God’s presence most visible. It may be that a miraculous healing does that.  But it may also be that people will see God’s presence in one who is filled with peace and grace, even while facing a grim prognosis.  When I see that, I’m reminded that not even death has the final say where God is present, and my hope and faith are renewed.

Here’s the thing: if our ultimate outcome is to make God’s presence visible, then what happens in life becomes secondary!  Being able to encounter God becomes the focus.

This is the place where we can find the calm in the midst of the storm.  This is the place where we can more fully encounter God.

This is the place where we can make God’s presence visible through us.

And where God is present, there is love beyond measure, peace beyond understanding, and abundant life… without end.

That’s why I want to glorify God.  Who’s with me?

How do you make God’s presence visible?  What examples can you share where people have made God’s presence visible and encountered God’s presence in remarkable ways?


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2 responses to “Why Would I Want to “Glorify God?”

  1. coffeediva

    May 18, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    I love this! I have several situations going on my life where I should be asking what can make God’s presence more visible! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. This is a great new way of looking at the difficulties/challenges in our life.

    • billhogan77

      May 18, 2013 at 9:40 pm

      It can be a real eye-opener and attitude adjustor to realize that God may be most visible in our most difficult times. Praying for God to be visible through you in the challenges!
      Be blessed!

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