Can Jesus Really Make Any Difference in My Life?

08 Mar

Jesus and Pilate

In worship this week, we’re continuing our journey through the book of John, where Jesus is continuing his journey on the way to the cross.

I have to say, it’s not looking good for the home team in John 18:28-40.  Jesus has been arrested and interrogated by the Jewish authorities.  He is now led to Pontius Pilate’s headquarters for further questioning and hopefully (from the standpoint of the Jewish Council) more severe punishment (aka… death!).

This is going to turn out OK… isn’t it?

Jesus had met tough challenges before.  He:

He even escaped those who attempted to use him for their own agenda (John 6:15).  So surely he could argue his way out of this fix too… couldn’t he?

I hate to break it to you, but the story only gets darker from here.  Many a disciple/follower reached a point where they lost hope that Jesus had any power left at all.  He was as helpless as many of his followers felt… just another victim of the rich and powerful… just another disappointment in a life that was already hard.

I wonder if we don’t think the same way sometimes?  Perhaps our lives are too dark right now… so dark that Jesus can’t possibly have an impact.  Too far gone to be salvageable.

Let me encourage you… wherever you are… whatever darkness you’re dealing with… Jesus is an overcomer!

Yes, the story gets darker from here, but stay with it.  You’ll see that even the darkest, most hopeless moment of Jesus’ story can’t keep him down.  Not even death can beat him!

And if he has the power over life itself, he can claim power over whatever you’re struggling with too.  You may be in darkness… and your story may get darker still… but see it through to the end that only Christ can bring.

Beauty from ashes… joy instead of mourning… praise instead of despair. (See Isaiah 61:3)

I pray that you will find The One who has already won, and that your life will be a celebration of the freedom that brings!

Spend a few minutes celebrating what can be, as Jesus becomes alive in us!

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