3 Questions That Might Take Your Faithwalk to the Next Level!

07 Apr

Has anyone else ever felt a plateau in their faith?  I’ve seen a common pattern in faith that starts with excitement, grows in knowledge, results in service (so far, so good)… but then reaches a plateau of duties and responsibilities.

Or is it just me?

I have to ask… are you happy there on that plateau?  Or do you think there should be more?

Why not try addressing these three questions and see if that gets things rolling again?

1.  What would you think of a God that says, “I’ll give you an hour or two on Sundays and 10 minutes in the mornings?”

I know what I would think: clearly God doesn’t care about me!  I’d lose interest pretty fast.

Yet isn’t that how I treat God?  I’ll give an hour for worship or for small group/Sunday school. I’ll regularly give God 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning, but let’s be honest… what does that quiet time consist of?  Usually it’s my request list for God that day.

Maybe you’ve experienced this too: God, let this meeting go well today… give me strength so I can do (whatever it is I want to do) today.  Not that God doesn’t care about these things, but if I’m honest, how often do I go back and say thanks?  Or how often do I listen to see if those are even things God would want me to do in the first place?

And here’s the kicker… even though many of us may treat God that way, God still loves us… even enough to send a Son to die for us.  I’m starting to think God deserves more than a couple of hours on Sunday.

2.  How would our lives be different if we started listening for God throughout the day?

I sometimes wonder how much time and energy I waste (and yet pray about in my “quiet time”) pursuing things that aren’t God’s desire.  I wonder what would happen if I listened for God’s voice and guidance throughout the day?

Maybe I don’t need strength for that thing… because it’s not something that will lift up God, or others.  Maybe the meeting shouldn’t go well, because the other folks have real ethical problems and would be a terrible business partner.  And maybe the most important agenda item of the day is a hallway conversation with someone who desperately needs to know someone cares.

3.  How would our communities be different if we started living for God every day?

This is where faith comes out.  Instead of having an incredible worship service on just Sunday, we take our worship to the world and let others experience the same great God.

Notice what I’m not saying: I’m not advocating that we all quit our jobs and sit around meditating all day.  What I’m wondering is what would happen if we took our ACTIVE faith into our workplaces… our schools… our kids’ sports teams… and our homes?  What if we lived our lives, did our jobs, and went to school with God’s guidance directing our steps in those areas?

What if we lived out loud for God every day?

Based on what I see most days, I’m willing to bet that not only would our lives be different… but so would all the people we encounter that day.  Maybe the best start to the workweek is to consider how we might live for Him… every day!

I’m going to make that my prayer this morning… and every morning hereafter.  How about you?



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