“Risk vs. Reward” – audio sermon and study guide

10 Apr

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for April 13, 2014

Getting Started

–  What’s one thing from Sunday’s message that you hope the group talks about?

–  Have you ever been embarrassed to be associated with Jesus? Describe your experience.

Digging Deeper

Read  Luke 12:8-10

– What are some modern motives for people who deny Jesus?

– What are the consequences of denying Jesus?

– Does this impact your approach to Jesus in the present?  If so, how?

– Does our failure to acknowledge Jesus have any impact on our personal lives in the present?  If so, how?

– Does our failure to acknowledge Jesus have any implications for our community?  Can you think of specific examples?

– Can you think of a more positive motivation to acknowledge Jesus more publicly (other than just not wanting Jesus to deny us before the Father)?

Read 2 Timothy 2:11-13

– What does Paul mean that if we die with him we’ll live with him?

– How would that look in our daily lives… in our homes, our schools, at work, etc.?

– How will you more publicly acknowledge Jesus this week?

Living the Story

Between now and Easter, WordServe will use “response prompts” each week to help you reflect, journal, and pray about how the message of the “Love So Amazing” sermon series intersects with your life. After spending a few minutes in reflection/journaling on one or all of these prompts, write a prayer in the prayer box and come pray it at the altar.

Open your heart to the Lord regarding who is in control of your relationship with him.  Do you exist for God, or do you act as though God exists for you?  Is your relationship with God on your terms or God’s terms?  Ask God to search your heart over these questions.

Together with the Lord, investigate what comes to mind and is in your heart when you think of a “surrendered” life to God.  Ask God to show you what scares you about a surrendered life.  Ask God to work in your fear, discomfort, or hesitancy.

Prayerfully engage with God regarding what your greatest fears are in pursuing him more fully.  What becomes too much of a “risk” for you and stops you from pursuing more (e.g., comfort, finances, status, career changes, other’s perceptions)?  Allow the Lord to show you anything you need to do to surrender to him more fully.


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