“Run to the Tomb” – audio sermon and study guide

17 Apr

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Getting Started

– Was there any one thing that you most agreed with or disagreed with from Sunday’s message?  What was it and why?

– Is belief in God a destination, or a waypoint on a journey? Explain your thoughts:

Digging Deeper

Read John 10:1-10

Jesus says he comes so that we might have “abundant life.”  Pretend that “abundant life” (or vibrant faith) is a recipe.

– What are the ingredients to abundant life (vibrant faith)?

– What ingredients do you have?

– What ingredients do you need?  How can you get them?

Read Matthew 6:25-34

– What does it look like for us to “pursue the Kingdom of God?”

– What would be the results of this pursuit?

– What keeps us from pursuing the Kingdom of God?

– Should we seek God’s Kingdom because we’ll get everything we need, or are there other motives to seek the Kingdom of God?  Explain:

– What needs to change in my life in order to seek God’s Kingdom as my first priority (or above all else)?

Taking It Home

Read Jeremiah 29:8-14

– Is God hard to find?  Explain your thoughts.

– Have you ever been disappointed in your pursuit of God? How has that impacted your faith? Describe your experience:

– Why do you think Jeremiah says it takes all of our heart to find God?

– What would it take for you to be able to pursue God with all of your heart?

– Name one thing you can do in the next 50 days that will help you pursue the Kingdom of God as your first priority, with all your heart.  Ask someone to help you do that!


This Sunday is the pivotal point in the Christian faith:

  • Jesus came that we might live abundantly
  • Jesus died that we might live free
  • Jesus rose that we might live eternally

He calls us to more… are you willing to follow?  Why not click on the video below and make this your prayer this Easter season… your life will never be the same!


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