“To or Through?” – audio sermon and study guide

01 May

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for May 4, 2014

  • Sermon Title: “To or Through?” (Rev. Bill Hogan)
  • Audio Link (check HERE on Sunday afternoon for the latest sermon and .pdf download)
  • Sermon Scripture: 1 Peter 4:10-11
  • Additional Study Texts: Luke 12:42-48

Getting Started

–  As you reflect on Sunday’s message, what one principle or insight stands out as being particularly helpful, insightful, or difficult to grasp?

– What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?  What made it the best?  Describe the effect of that gift on the person who received it:

Digging Deeper

Read Luke 12:42-48

– What criteria would Jesus use to determine if the servant in this parable has done a good job?

– Verse 47 describes severe punishment.  Use these follow-on questions to address how this could all be avoided:

— What does the master want?

— How could the servant be prepared for the master’s return?

— How could the servant help ensure the Master’s instructions were carried out?

Note: Take the previous three questions and substitute “Jesus” for the word master, and substitute “Jesus followers” for servant.  Record your thoughts below:

– What are some examples where “much has been given?”

– Is it fair that if much is given, much is required?  Why or why not?

Taking It Home

– Based on your responses above, how will you personally learn what Jesus wants and be prepared for his return?

– List some things where you have been “given much:”

– Based on these discussions, what do you plan to do with “the much” that you’ve been given?  (Be as specific as possible).


– Make a list of people in your Community Group (or family, friends, etc.).

– Write down what gifts you see in them (i.e., where have they been given much?)

– Share your thoughts with them over a cup of coffee this week (or in Community Group!)

– If you receive inputs from others:

  •      See if you agree/disagree
  •      Ask others who know you if they agree/disagree
  •      See if several people tell you the same thing (independently)
  •      Determine how you could go about giving this gift that is in you to others


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