“Specifically For You” – audio sermon and study guide

15 May

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for May 18, 2014

Getting Started

–  What’s one thing from Sunday’s message that you hope the group talks about?

– How do others describe your personality? (e.g., outgoing, thoughtful, reserved, “life of the party,” etc.?)

Digging Deeper

Read Romans 7:1-6

– If we are released from the law, then how should we conduct ourselves?

– Compare and contrast serving God under the old way (the law) versus the new way (living in the Spirit):

– What are the ramifications of living in the Spirit?

Read Galatians 5:16-26

– How do we know if we are truly living in the Spirit?

– What gets in the way of living in the Spirit?  What can we do about that?

– How could living in the Spirit prevent all the problems found in verse 26?

– Do you think our unique personalities enhance or interfere with our ability to live in the Spirit?  Explain.

– What does all this have to do with our gifts, talents, and abilities?

Taking It Home

– How might your unique personality affect the way you serve your community?  (Check out the “Extra!” block below.)

– Can you describe a place or situation where you seem most tuned in to the Holy Spirit guiding or speaking to you?

– Where and how have you felt the Spirit guiding you to serve?

– If you’re not currently serving there, what is holding you back?

– Check in with your accountability partner or group on your previous “next step” of determining where your gifts, abilities, and talents could be used in the community.  How’s that going?



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