“Joy Comes in the Yearning” – audio sermon and study guide

16 Sep

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for Sep 14, 2014

  • Sermon Title: “Joy Comes in the Yearning” (Dr. Nolan Donald)
  • Audio Link (check HERE on Sunday afternoon for the latest sermon)
  • Sermon Scripture: Matthew 5:6
  • Additional Study Text: Matt 6:24-34

Getting Started

–  What’s one thing from Sunday’s message that you hope the group talks about?

– What do you “Hunger and thirst” for?

Digging Deeper

– Why do you think Jesus chose the phrase, “…those who hunger and thirst…” will be satisfied? (Matt 5:6)

– Summarize the points behind being hungry and thirsty from the sermon and be able to discuss it with school-aged children! (This might be a great dinner discussion if you’re around kids!). Let others help you form your thoughts

Read Matt 6:24-34

– What issues and problems is Jesus addressing in this passage?

– What does Jesus pose as the solution to these issues?

– Do you see any connections between this passage and Matthew 5:6?

— How do these two passages apply in our modern lives?

— How might these passages contribute to happiness (“blessed”?)

Taking It Home

– Pretend that a neighbor or coworker asks, “What difference does righteousness make? Why should I care?”” How would you answer them?

– How have you seen the idea of hungering and thirsting conflict with your own happiness?

– List specific examples where you hunger and thirst for righteousness, whether in your personal life or in your community.

— Sort your list between what you can influence, and what you cannot influence.

— Pray to release what you cannot influence to God’s care

— How might God use your hunger and thirst for righteousness in areas that you can influence? Record what you learn!


Do you have any resources you’ve found helpful in this conversation?  Leave suggestion via a comment and join the conversation!

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