“Time for a Change?” – audio sermon and study guide

23 Oct

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Getting Started

– Was there any one thing that you most agreed with or disagreed with from Sunday’s message?  What was it and why?

– Describe your experience(s) with transformation (good or bad!):

Digging Deeper

Read Ephesians 4:1-16

– Describe a “… life worthy of the calling…” what would it look like in Paul’s time? In our time?

– Paul seems to place a high emphasis on unity. What does that have to do with transformation?

–  What is the desired end goal in verses 1-16?

— What role might transformation play in that end goal?

— What happens if we don’t make that goal?

Read Ephesians 4:25-32

– Which one of these “rules” do you think is most important? Make a case for why you think so and share.

– Describe life in verses 25-32 without transformation; what would it look like?  And with transformation?

– What are the challenges in living as described in verses 25-32 in today’s world? How can we overcome them?

Taking It Home

– What part of Carlos’ story resonated most with you? Why?

– List the ingredients you feel are necessary for transformation to take place:

— What ingredients do you have access to right now? Describe:

— What ingredients do you need? How can your group help you?

– What is your next step on the transformation journey?


And for those wondering why transformation is such a struggle, enjoy… and please excuse the cheesy music 🙂

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