“Elevating Others as God’s Masterpieces” – audio sermon and study guide

14 Nov

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for Nov 16, 2014

  • Sermon Title: “Elevating Others as God’s Masterpieces” (Dr. Nolan Donald)
  • Audio Link (check HERE on Sunday afternoon for the latest sermon)
  • Sermon Scripture: Matthew 25:31-46
  • Additional Study Texts: John 13:1-17

Getting Started

– If you had to give an abbreviated version of Sunday’s message, what two points or ideas would you include no matter what?

– Describe the best example you’ve seen of someone who “elevates others.” What makes it the best?

Digging Deeper

Read John 13:1-17

– Using a study bible or other background information, describe what foot washing meant in the 1st century.

– What lesson is Jesus trying to convey to his Disciples?

– This foot-washing lesson happens literally in the last few hours that Jesus gets to spend with his Disciples. Why do you think Jesus does this as his last lesson?

– Examine the exchange between Peter and Jesus in John 13:6-8:

— Why does Peter resist?

— Why does Jesus say that unless Jesus washes Peter’s feet, Peter will have no share with him?

– Did Jesus’ lesson work with the Disciples? Why or why not?

– What is your biggest takeaway from this reading? Share with your group.

Taking It Home

– What about Fernando’s story resonates with you most?

– What would be a modern equivalent of the footwashing from a Disciple’s point of view (i.e., to have your feet washed)?

– What would the modern equivalent be from Jesus’ point of view (i.e., how would we wash someone’s feet today?)

– WordServe states this value as “Elevating others as God’s Masterpieces.” Does the idea that others are a masterpiece of God change how you view lifting up others? Explain.

— Do you still struggle with the idea of elevating others? Share your struggles with your group!

– How can you put this principle into practice this week?


A fun video that shows the ripple effects of lifting others up:

And, an interesting look at The Power of Encouragement!




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