“Choking Hazards” – audio sermon and study guide

22 Jan

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for Jan 25, 2015

Getting Started

– What’s one thing from Sunday’s message that you hope the group talks about?

– On a scale of 1 (low) to 10(high), rate your anxiety level. What kinds of things are contributing to your number?

Digging Deeper

Read Matthew 6: 19-21

– What are some examples of treasures in heaven?

– Compare and contrast one whose treasure is in heaven versus one whose treasure is on earth (v 21): what do their lives look like? What do they do? What fruit do they produce?

– What would have to happen in our lives to lay up treasures in heaven?

Read Matthew 6: 24-34

– Agree or disagree: No one can serve two masters (God and Possessions, see verse 24). Support your position.

– Name the “thorns” you see in this passage (thorns explained in Matthew 13:7 and 22).

— Which “thorn” impacts you the most? Why?

– How does Jesus recommend we counter anxiety? (Go beyond the “Sunday School” answer to application in your life… how will you counter anxiety?)

– What does Jesus mean in Matt 6:32 (the Gentiles seek these things)? Why would he pick the word, “Gentiles?” What are the ramifications of Jesus’ choice of wording here?

Taking It Home

– Is money/wealth bad? Support your answer.

– What are some ways we can avoid serving money?

– Do all Christians have to be poor? How would you define an appropriate Christian response to money and possessions?

– Is there an appropriate balance between not worrying, and not caring about this world? Explain your answer.

– Refer to your “worry index” number in the Getting Started section. Brainstorm with a trusted friend or your group: what will you do this week to move that number one step to the left?

 — What will you do in 2015 to lower that number?


From “Preposterous: Not Your Typical Bible Study”



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