“A Good Soil Focus” – audio sermon and study guide

29 Jan

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for Feb 1, 2015

Getting Started

– Was there any one thing that you most agreed with or disagreed with from Sunday’s message?  What was it and why?

– What has resonated with you the most throughout this sermon series on the four soils?

Digging Deeper

Read Romans 2:28-29

– What does it mean that circumcision is a matter of the heart?

– Why does Paul choose circumcision as the analogy for the heart?

– How would this cause people to seek God’s praise instead of human praise?

– How do we get a circumcised heart?

– Does this have anything to do with creating “good soil” in our heart? Explain.

Read Philippians 4:6-13

– What does it mean to “fix our thoughts” on something? How do we do it?

– List the things Paul asks us to fix our minds on: why that list? What would be the results of that kind of focus?

– How would you fix your thoughts on those things Paul mentions?

Taking It Home

– How can you promote healthy soil in your heart? (A place where the Word of God can thrive?)

– How would you treat a hard heart? How would you prevent? (The hardened path in Matthew 13)

– How would you treat a heart that has areas where God is not allowed? How would you prevent? (Rocky soil in Matthew 13).

– How would you treat a heart that is being choked by cares of the world and the lure of wealth? How would you prevent? (Thorny soil in Matthew 13).

– As a result of this series, name what you will do differently in the next month. The next year? Share with an accountability partner and check back in regularly!


This is a straight-up gardening video.  It talks about how to create good soil.  But I wonder how many of you can draw spiritual parallels from this video that might help us cultivate good soil in our hearts?  List your observations in the comments below and join the conversation!



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