“Broccoli” – audio sermon and study guide

16 Apr

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church Study Guide for April 19, 2015

  • Sermon Title: “Broccoli” (Dr. Brian Miller)
  • Audio Link (check HERE on Sunday afternoon for the latest sermon)
  • Sermon Scripture: John 20:19-31
  • Additional Study Texts: Acts 5:12-42


Getting Started

–  If you had to give an abbreviated version of Sunday’s message, what two points or ideas would you include no matter what?

– When it comes to faith, are you more likely to “Tell it on the Mountain” or hide it in a closet? Why?

Digging Deeper

Read John 20:19-31 and Acts 5:12-42

– Compare and contrast the mood and attitude of the disciples in these two passages:

– What factors contributed to the shift in moods and attitudes displayed in Acts 5?

– Why were some reluctant to join the disciples in Acts 5? (See verse 13). Does this still apply today? Explain.

– In Acts 5:29, Peter and the apostles say that they must “obey God and not any human authority.”

— Do you agree or disagree? Explain

— How do you tell the difference between what God would want us to do versus human authority?

— What did this mean for 1st century believers to obey God and not human authority?

— Is this still an issue for believers today? How so?

– Do you think Acts 5:38-39 validates the Christian faith as truth? Why or why not?

Taking It Home

– The early church in Acts grew rapidly. Why do you think the Disciples’ faith was so contagious?

– What would it take for our faith to become just as contagious?

– What would it take for you to have the same boldness expressed by the Disciples (see Acts 5:26-33)?

– What convinced (or convinces) you that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God? How can you share that with others?

– Jesus tells the Disciples (John 20:21) that as Jesus has been sent from the Father, so we are being sent. What does that mean in your life?


The Disciples got stopped from following Jesus as our sermon text opens.  So… what stops you from following God?






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