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“The Declaration of Interdependence” – audio sermon and study guide

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church “Food for Thought” for Jul 5, 2015

  • Sermon Title: “The Declaration of Interdependence” (Rev. Bill Hogan)
  • Audio Link: NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this week’s podcast is not available.  Check back with us next week for more great podcasts!
  • Sermon Scripture: John 15:1-8, 12

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How to Make the Right Connection

As people entered the room, they were met with a curious sight: the chairs were arranged in a circle, handouts were in place on each chair… everything you might expect for people attending a session to determine whether or not they would like to join an organization.  But that wasn’t the curious part.

"White" table grapes

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the center of the circle, there was a slim pedestal, topped by the most delicious-looking grapes on a white cloth.  You know the kind; plump, juicy grapes, at that perfect stage of ripeness… water droplets perched atop, making them glisten in the light… each grape an explosion of sweetness waiting to happen.

The people took their seats, the session began, with eyes increasingly finding their way to check out the grapes, and minds imagining how good they would taste.  After a half hour, someone in the group finally couldn’t take it any more.

“What’s with the grapes?” he said.

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