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“The Declaration of Interdependence” – audio sermon and study guide

Wordserve Logo_COLORWordServe Church “Food for Thought” for Jul 5, 2015

  • Sermon Title: “The Declaration of Interdependence” (Rev. Bill Hogan)
  • Audio Link: NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, this week’s podcast is not available.  Check back with us next week for more great podcasts!
  • Sermon Scripture: John 15:1-8, 12

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How to Stop Abusing Forgiveness

Happy, Sad, Mad, Glad

Happy, Sad, Mad, Glad (Photo credit: katerha)

Hanging out with Christians can be an awesome experience.  They can be so supportive, so full of hope, and so life-giving.  I highly recommend it

… sometimes.

Because hanging out with Christians can also be an awful experience.  They can be so self-centered, so judgmental, and so rude.  What makes it worse is we expect Christians to be… well… like Christ.  So we assume things.

We assume they’ll conduct themselves with love and grace, yet we’re stung in our very souls when they don’t.  Have you ever wondered why that kind of behavior happens in Christian circles?

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